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So, as I posted earlier I am trying to be
healthier. I started Weight Watchers again and that is
going ok. I seem to stop tracking on the weekends which I
have to make sure I do, because I know I get lazier then.
That seems to be a big obstacle: laziness. Lately I just
don’t feel like cooking or grocery shopping, so then we eat
out. This does not help the expanding pants. Also, I need to
start training for Big Sur. I know walking 10.6 miles is not
that big of a deal, not like running a marathon, but for me its a
goal and I’m treating it like a big deal. However, I find it
very, very hard to motivate myself to go out and walk. The
only real time I have to do so is either at 5am or after work
(5pm). It is very dark and very cold at 5am. I am warm
and snug and asleep in my bed. This morning I forgot to set
my alarm for 5. Joe’s went off from yesterday, but I was so
asleep it only registered as something in my dreams. I know I
could try to walk after work, I think I will try that today, but
the obstacle there is that I am already tired from working all
day! And the sun starts setting then so we are back to the
cold and dark. Sunrise today was at 7:21 am and 28 degrees.
Sunset will be at 5:31 pm and about 49 degrees. Any ideas for
motivating myself or finding a better plan? I need to walk
for at least an hour for at least 3 miles.


One thought on “Motivation

  1. I hear ya! I too am having a hard time getting back to healthy eating, recording my food, grocery shopping, etc. And since I’m the only one who cooks…you know what I mean. As far as motivation goes, for me it is a wedding dress – I might be getting it this week so I will have a physical goal in my closet – need to fit into it. Maybe making a new mix of tunes on your Ipod, or a new book and time the sections for sixty minutes, so you actually walk that long – I find if I have something to distract my mind I don’t think of the time I’m spending exercising. Or give yourself a reward for just getting out of bed (not food related of course). Hope that helps.

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