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#IDEALA Week 2 Post 1


Here you will begin to think about assessment and tying it into your learning outcomes. You have already thought about and written what your goals and outcomes may be, as well as considered a needs assessment for your learners.
Forward Looking Assessment

1. You are on the joint operations staff of a Federal Agency.  You must prepare a briefing for your team on the mission, organization and current threat picture concerning a strategic area in the Pacific. What reliable open source intelligence resources can you utilize to research the area?

2. You are on an inter-agency crisis team.  You must brief senior staff on future threat trends in the Middle East.  What strategy will you use to evaluate open source information resources on the area in order to provide your predictions?
Criteria and Standards
Learning Goal:
Students will be able to identify potential sources for information and productivity.
Students identified at least 3 potential starting points of open source intelligence sources from a variety of sources.
Excellent: Students identified at least one scholarly source, one current events/news source, and one government/military source of information.
Average: Students identified only two scholarly, current events/news,  OR government/military sources of information.
Below Average: Students identified sources that were neither a scholarly, news, or government/military source of information.

Learning Goal:

Students will be able to assess the quality and relevance of web search results and information.
Using the CRAAP (Currency, Relevane, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose) model, students assessed at least 5 appropriate open source intelligence resources for their brief.
Excellent:  All 5 resources rate high on the CRAAP rubric.
Average: 3-4  resources rate  high on the CRAAP rubric, with 1-2 rating medium or low.
Below Average: 1-2 resources rate medium on the CRAAP rubric, with 3-4 rating low.
Self assessment:
At the beginning of the class, have students write a one minute paper on 3 sources of information they think they will use for their brief.  After presenting sources, have them re-write their one minute paper to reflect what they have learned.
 Assign a site to each student, and have them assess it using the CRAAP rubric.  Then, have them discuss the sites as a group and rank them from 1-5 in order of appropriateness for the topic.
FIDeLity Feedback
Frequent- direct interaction with students in the classroom after each section
Immediate- direct discussion of students’ questions/conclusions in the classroom. 
Discriminating- focusing on how the information will be useful in their class NOW and future jobs
Lovingly delivered- Much less strict/rigid than most military interactions

2 thoughts on “#IDEALA Week 2 Post 1

  1. I like the structure of this and the well-defined rubric. Would there be discussion of what constitutes reliable open source intelligence resources” before these look for resources, or would the learning on this topic occur in the feedback process?

  2. problem based learning and admit/exit slips! love it. This sounds like fun. Also, my slow brain just caught onto your wonderful blog title.

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