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Week 4

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What technologies (and these can be old, new, or emerging) might be most appropriate for your final project? Does your final project align with any of the trends represented in the Horizon Report you reviewed? Now answer the first two questions posed in Consider section of the 5-Step Ed-Tech Integration Model from the How to Choose article.


  • Computer/projector
  • Powerpoint slides- a staple in the military
  • Library website
  • Pen & paper

As a one-shot instruction, with limited time, I want to keep things simple, and be able to demonstrate sites and tools that will best aid my students.  Sometimes the computer and internet don’t work quite right- so I am hesitant to use other technologies that depend on the computer being completely up to date.

Considerwill this application/tool enhance, improve instruction or motivate learners? What similar applications/tools are there to consider?

If I had more reliable tools I’d be interested in using:

  • Prezi, as an alternative to Powerpoint

One thought on “Week 4

  1. I have taught many a class with spotty internet and unreliable technology. Not ideal, but you do what you can.

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