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Nachman Schnabel

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Nachman Schnabel and Blima Gutherz.

The farthest I can trace the Schnabel line (so far) is to Nachman Schnabel, and his wife Blima Gutherz.  They were my grear-great grandparents.  They lived in what is now modern-day Ukraine, in a town called Kolomyya.  Sometimes their names are anglicized to Nathan and Beatrice.  Blima was born around 1846, and they had at least 6 children.

Jakob Leib Schnabel

Jakob was born in 1866 and died in 1867.

Dawid Mendel Schnabel

Dawid was born in 1870 and died in 1871.

Feige Sura Schnabel

Feige was born in 1872.  Her information past 1872 is unknown.

Pincas Schnabel

Pincas was born in 1874.  He was my great-grandfather and immigrated to New York.

Ester Schnabel

Ester was born in 1880 and died  in 1881.

Manes Schnabel

Manes was born in 1885 and immigrated to New York.


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