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SO, its November already!  Wow.  It seems like I blink and a month flies by.

In November, many people write a novel (NANOWRIMO) or knit a sweater (NANOSWEMO).  This month, I am going to try and work on my family tree every day.  It turns out that October is Family History Month, but oh well.  November it is for me.

I haven’t worked on my family tree for a while, which is good because it allowed time for to add a bunch of new databases and indexes.  Hopefully I will have records and photos from NYC coming my way this month.

I’m starting with the Schnabel (my mom’s father’s) side of the family.  I know more about them than others, so I am trying to round out everything I can figure out online or through the mail.  I hope next year to go to NYC and find out bits about both sides of my family that I can’t find online.

When I find interesting information out, I’ll share it here!


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