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Five Things…News Sources

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I don’t read the newspaper.  I don’t watch cable TV news- or any news on TV.  But I do read lots and lots of news online.  Here are five news sources I find great for keeping up with current events around the world (in no particular order).

  1. NewsNow.  “updates breaking headlines linking to news websites all around the world.”
  2. Foreign Policy.  I subscribe online, but I also get their Morning Brief sent to my Evernote every day.  Great rundown of world events. 
  3. The Skimm.  Another news aggregator, this one will cover a range of topics.  Especially good when something is in the news that you just don’t understand- like basketball.
  4. The Atlantic.  Quirky and thoughtful articles, that people tend to like on Facebook when I post them.
  5. NPR.  I especially like their blogs, such as CodeSwitch, Krulwich Wonders, National Security, Monkey Sees, and the Sandwich Monday posts. 

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