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So, this week I started a course through ALA.  Its about instructional design, so I don’t expect everyone to be rushing to read my posts, but it did make me think a bit about some random things.

I miss teaching.  Real teaching where I am with students for more than 15-30 minutes, and am just rattling off where to find the library’s website.  I think this course will help me articulate to my director, and others, why instructional information literacy lessons should be integrated into all classes.

I am not the best student- especially when trying to motivate myself.  I get distracted and put things off too easily.

Some things that have been distracting me:

Reading:  I started the Kate Daniels series by the author team Ilona Andrews- it was a Vaginal Fantasy (bookclub on GOodreads) pick this month.  Its an urban fantasy where in the future the world swings between tech and magic dominating.  Its full of witty heroines, who kick much ass, vampires, witches, werewolves (and lions, hyenas, bears, rats and more) .  The first book is Magic Bites- the cover may throw you off, and the first book is actually the weakest in the series (I’m about to start book 6), but it is worth it.  I fell hard for this world and its characters. 


Playing Skyrim.  I know I know, everyone else has probably finished this game, but I haven’t yet!  In order to get through it, I ignored a lot of side quests and focused on finding words of power, killing dragons for their souls, and now I am farther into the main storyline than I’ve been before.  I’m playing it so much I’m dreaming about it.  I’m not very subtle, basically I run around and kill things with my two ebony axes.

Watching (and reading) Outlander.  The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is one of my all-time favorites.  Ron Moore (who did Battlestar Galactica) is producing the TV series on Starz.  Its excellent.  Even the “new” stuff that they added in that is not in the books, keeps the feel of the books (and illustrates things, like how the English viewed the Scots as barbarians).  As I watch each episode, I’m reading along in the book.  AND they’ve been greenlit for a second series, based on Dragonfly in Amber- yay!

Fantasy Football.  Despite a really good draft, I’m still getting my butt kicked in this league so far.  Hopefully I can pull out a W this week.


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