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Me at 33


In an online discussion, a group started talking about aging.  That turned into a discussion on the beauty ideals we are held to, and how we perceive ourselves and others as “beautiful”.  One result of the discussion is that we posted photos of ourselves, without makeup or touching up- to show what a “real” woman looks like at our respective ages.  I thought I’d share mine here, along with my routine to get ready for work and what I do to feel acceptable in a professional environment.



Me, age 33,  no makeup.


With a layer of beauty balm- a sort of mix of moisturizer, primer, sunscreen and foundation.  I got a sample set of Dr. Jart’s and have been trying the different variations.


With mineral powder concealer and foundation. I’ve been trying out a sample of Bare Minerals and really like it.  The powder concealer really covers more than you would think, and I like the mineral veil powder as well.


Blush.  I’ve been using Stila’s customizing blush- it changes depending on your skin’s tone.  In the case its bright hot pink- but I like how it looks on.


Eye makeup.  I just got Urban Decay’s Naked palette, and played with some of the colors there, along with some Mary Kay liner.  Mascara is Benefit’s They’re Real! which really lengthens my visible lashes.


Lipstick is the finishing product.  I used Mary Kay’s Berry Kiss.  I think I look too washed out and dead without a bright color on my lips.


Ready for work with my hair done, glasses, and earrings.

Me, a “real” woman, age 33.

3 thoughts on “Me at 33

  1. You do all that every day? Damn, I’m lazy. All I do is a little makeup if I have some red spots, and curl my eyelashes. Mostly because I like it, but also because if I don’t they hit my glasses lenses.

  2. It doesn’t take long- I’m pretty lazy too! And I’m jealous of your eyelashes. And your curly hair. And now I’m sad cause I want to see you again!

  3. Ha ha, the “curly” hair is mostly a pain, it gets more annoying the grayer it gets. 🙂 Come on up! I’ll clear the wrapping paper off the spare bed for you.

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