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Writing during the work week is much slower.  I’m going to try to really concentrate today and tomorrow to advance the story.  Yesterday I knew I wanted my characters to reach a point where a certain action would happen, but they just kept talking and not getting there.  Then I had a brain wave to insert that action a few scenes before.  I am trying not to go back and revise anything- just keep going forward, but I thought this would be OK and gave myself last night to add it in and change anything that needed to change because of it.  AND then, writing in the action, I had a brainwave to add in another small thing that will hopefully help the current writing.  Yay.


In college there was one security light that always seemed to turn off when my friend’s and I walked past.  We jokingly called it the “attack” light, as it seemed to do little to protect us.  The spooky sense I would get at the sudden de-illumination of the security “attack” light came back to me now.  The night seemed darker than it should be, especially at this time of year when the days were getting longer and longer and the nights shorter.  The security light chose that moment to flicker and go out.  For a moment, looking out at the library parking lot,  all the cars seemed to disapear, and the street lights took on a warmer, hazy look, like fog in front of a candle flame.  A whooshing sound came from above me, as if a giant turbine was in the air.  I looked up, and a large shape obscured the emerging stars.  There was a dirigible above me.

I fumbled with my keys and dropped them.  The security light flickered back on.  The cars where all in the parking lot, and the street lights buzzed.  Nothing whooshed above me.

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  1. I didn’t think to check your blog until today. Sorry! Many encouragements with the writing. I’ve been avoiding revisions as I write as well. It’s just better not to go back and second guess myself.

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