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July 9

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I felt very summery in this outfit yesterday.  The  main theme for this day was yellow.  On July 12th Everybody, Everywear is challenging people to wear yellow.  I only have 4 yellow items in my closet, and I definitely have to dress professional that day, so I moved my yellow day to the weekend.   I also feel economical in this outfit- as nearly all of it came from thrift/consignment shops.  I got my skirt and bracelet at Twice as Nice, the necklace at Clothing Exchange, and the shoes at Goodwill.  The most I spent at any of one of those stores was $35- and I know the skirt (which is from NY & CO) would have cost that much new.  All together I got 3 pairs of shoes, 2 skirts, 1 shirt, 1 dress, 1 necklace and 1 bracelet.  Not bad!  Unfortunately as I was taking it off last night the necklace broke.  I know 1 bead went down the drain but maybe I’ll be able to restring the others.  I was a bit hesitant about wearing such bright colors- especially the bright bold plastic bracelet and necklace- but, both of them (along with the shoes) made me feel fabulous, so I decided not to care what others may think and just be fabulous.  I think it worked, as I got several compliments.


  • Pantsless
  • Color you don’t wear (yellow and hot pink)
  • Funky colored shoes
  • Floral
  • Lace
  • Layers

One of the challenges is to wear complimentary or two thirds of a triad.  Reading up on those I realized that this out fit has analogous colors- colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel- Yellow, orange, red orange (coral), red (pink), and red violet.


  • Yellow cami- Maurices
  • Pink cami- Walmart
  • Skirt- NY & Co via Twice as Nice
  • Shoes- Goodwill
  • Necklace- Clothing Exchange
  • Bracelet- Twice as Nice
  • Earrings- Target

I also wore the yellow cami here:


One thought on “July 9

  1. Love the pink and yellow outfit. I think it’s my favorite of the stuff you’ve put together this month. You look bright and fresh as a summer breeze. (sounds like a deo commercial, huh?) But I like that look. I like the green too, and even tho they don’t intend for you to need anything, it would look great with a black cardigan this fall.

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