Robyn's Words

July 5


Yay!  Natural light photo!.  Dragged out my tripod for this- much better!  Today I have a few things going on- I’m wearing polka dots from this awesome 70s style top I bought at Goodwill- it has a asymmetrical neckline that ties.   The only brown pants I have are these pinstriped ones- normally I wouldn’t wear dots and stripes together but I took a chance on pattern mixing.  The top is a bit blousy so I belted it in order to have a waist.  After uploading this pic I saw I didn’t have earrings on- I don’t have a pic of them but they are brass filigree hoops. You can’t see my feet but I am wearing brown Dankso clogs- I’m sacrificing style for comfort.

How I feel:

  • Style: 5 of 5- I’m rocking the 70s vibe.
  • Comfort:  4 out of 5- a skirt would have been more comfy.


  • asymmetrical
  • polka dots
  • pattern mixing
  • stripes
  • belt

Would this look count as vintage inspired? I feel very 70’s.


  • Top- thrifted @ Goodwill
  • Pants- Perfect Trouser from Gap
  • Shoes-Dansko
  • Belt- repurposed from a Maurices dress
  • Earrings- Maurices
  • Bracelets- Etsy malas- see July 1-3 post for close up

6 thoughts on “July 5

  1. I like it! It’s a very flattering outfit, and also, I LOVE POLKA DOTS.

  2. I think this is your best one yet!

  3. I want that shirt!

  4. It does seem like a very Macaela shirt!

  5. I love this blouse. I can never find things that cute when I go thrifting.

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