Robyn's Words

July 2


I only had a moment to snap a pic today before going out to a friends house.  I knew I’d be out in the heat today so I layered two tank tops, both in colors I don’t wear often- yellow and orange.  The yellow has lace and the top and bottom.  To jazz it up I wore some wooden beaded and brass earrings- definitely “big” as they brushed my shoulders.   I also wore a multi-colored beaded and brass bracelet that was handmade & I bought when I worked in Sedalia.  To bring it all down again  I wore my Vibram Five Finger shoes.  Oh well, can’t win everything.  Wore contacts so I could easily wear sunglasses.

How I feel:

  • Style: 4 of 5- Points for the earrings, but lose some for the shoes.
  • Comfort: 4 of 5- It was very hot- the outfit was comfortable but it would be better if I wore shorts or a dress.


  • Dress Up Jeans
  • Layers
  • Lace
  • Color you never wear
  • Big earrings


  • Orange cami- Old Navy
  • Yellow Lace cami- Maurices
  • Capris- Levi @ Ross
  • Vibram Bikrams
  • Earrings- Maurices
  • Bracelet- handmade

2 thoughts on “July 2

  1. Okay, you have to tell me– are those shoes actually comfortable? Because they just look SO bizarre to me, and I don’t know that I could stand to have anything between my toes. 😛

  2. A: Lesliele – the shoes are AMAZING and more comfortable than bare feet – Robyn – A MAY ZING and adorable outfit! Loved the earrings the most!! Hearting you!!

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