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July Style Challenge

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I, along with an online group of awesome people, are trying to shake things up in our style.  To that end, we have a list of “challenges” to take on in the month of July.  Our rules are pretty basic and loose: try to wear or incorporate these ideas sometime in July.  So, this month I will be blogging and posting pics of my outfits to showcase these challenges. If you want to play along, please feel free!  I can send you a link to our discussion boards or to our flickr photo group.  Just leave a comment.  I also welcome any comments,ideas, suggestions, and of course, compliments.  🙂


2.big earrings
3.funky colored shoes accessory of some sort
5.long necklace
7.wear your “good” jewelry in ordinary circumstances
8.3D flowers

Specific Items:
9.Dress up those jeans!
10.little black dress
11.maxi /long dress or skirt

Colors, Patterns or Fabric:
14.a colour you never wear
15.a touch of lace
16.complimentary colors or two-third rule
18.neutrals with just a splash of color
19.polka dots
21.mix patterns
22.monochromatic (other than neutral)

25.crafted/handmade – socks, sweater, jewelry, tote bag, whatever. Doesn’t have to be made by you! bought on vacation

27.An outfit inspired by a book cover
28.break a traditional rule (eg; wear brown and black together)
30.menswear inspired
31.Uniform plus! (your usual with just a splash of something else, just to prove you can)
32.”Look” inspired outfit (runway, designer, magazine, blog)
33.Vintage inspired



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