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July 1

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Today, the first day of my July Style Challenge, held more than 1 challenge for me.  It’s Friday and on Fridays we participate in Red Shirt Friday at work.  Red Shirt Fridays raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  So, I had the challenge of how to dress up a tshirt and jeans for work on my first day of the month!  I decided to pair it with a black long sleeve tshirt underneath.  Its hot outside, but I find the library chilly with the air conditioning on.  I also thought this might let me dress it up a bit.  I am wearing some shoes I found at the thrift store for the first time today- red mary janes with a large, chunky heel.  For a little more fun I am wearing black socks with white stars on them.  To dress things up a bit more I decided not to wear my everyday leather belt with the jeans, and instead am using 2 fabric belts that came with other items I have.  I tied them in a bow at my belt loop. (They are a little hard to see in the pic).  For jewlery I have on my wedding rings, a mixed stone bracelet I bought in Sedona, AZ , and black circle filigree earrings.  (Also hard to see). I used to think these earrings were HUGE, but now they seem medium-large, as I have bigger.  My glasses today are my black cat-eye frames.

What do you think?  Are the belts silly? Let me know.

This pic was taken in my bathroom mirror.  When I have a chance I’ll set up my tripod to take better pics.

How I feel:

  • Style: 3 of 5- I feel the shoes,earrings, and belts give it a bit of something, but I’m still wearing a logo tshirt
  • Comfort: 4 of 5- The tee is a bit tight near my neck- this is why I like v necks the best.  Still getting used to the shoes.


  • Dress Up Jeans
  • Something bought on vacation
  • Funky colored shoes
  • Big earrings


  • Black tee- Merona @ Target
  • Red Shirt Friday tee
  • Jeans- Levi curvy bootcut @ Dillards
  • Shoes- thrifted @ Goodwill
  • Socks-Target or Sock Dreams
  • Belts- re-purposed from other items
  • Bracelet-Sedona, AZ jewelry fair
  • Earrings- Maurices
  • Glasses- Zenni Optical

One thought on “July 1

  1. Yay!!! Way to make Red Shirt Stylin’ Fridays – I LOVE fabric belts! I used to wear them all the time and might just go on a hunt today to find some to wear!!!

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