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  • We’ve added two new people to our team at work.  Its a bit crowded but will be good.
  • Because of the new people and some special projects, my hours have changed to 8-5 M-F.  So now I work like  normal person.  It started today and I am tiiired from getting up at 6.
  • I have two fantasy football teams this year, one doing awful and the other not too well
  • I finished a shawl and am almost finished a vest, but put it down to start Christmas knitting, of which I’ve finished 3 items.
  • My car tried to kill me by not shifting into 5th, then stalling going 75 on I-10.  Two weeks and one transmission mount, one valve body,one  transmission and one air conditioner compressor later, its fixed.  Our extended warranty ends Oct 6th- so very close to having to pay for over $8000 in parts alone out of pocket, but we ended up only paying $100.
  • We’ll pay off this car this week.
  • We can pay it off because in the space of about a month Joe got paid Stop Loss money and a bonus.  We also plan on landscaping the backyard finally.
  • Joe put in all the paperwork and now has an associate’s degree in Pushto.
  • We love watching Top Gear.  Its British and about cars, but you should watch it anyway cause it is hi-freaking-larious.  3 seasons are on Netflix and the new season airs on BBC America tonight.
  • PS.  I am the Stig

2 thoughts on “News and stuff

  1. I am the Stig.

    I love Top Gear. I don’t mind much the parts that just feature loud shouty cars going in circles, but the narration is funny even on the “boring” bits. The challenges have me laughing so hard I’m in tears.

  2. Car fix+Stop loss pay FTW!!!
    I might come see you tomorrow, just to break up the day 😀 hahaha

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