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So… yesterday was Star Wars Day.  I was the only one in the library who knew and everyone thought I was uber dorky when I told them “May the Fourth be with you”.  But they laughed, and I learned long ago to embrace my nerdity and enjoy it.

I am repeating the Couch to 5k Week 1 program this week.  Today I walked a bit more in the second half- but hey, walking is better than sitting on my arse in front of the TV, right?

To answer Jim’s question- A Scooba is a mopping robot.  I also have a Roomba, a vacuuming robot that is named the Buffybot.  The Scooba doesn’t have a name yet.

Also, I think I like the newest Doctor.  I know I really like Amy Pond. She’s young but seems like she has her own mind and opinion on things- more like Rose than Martha or Donna, but with a bit of Donna’s sense of fun and won’t take any crap.   She is definitely the type to get herself carried away on a barrage balloon- but I think she’d figure out a way to get back on her own.   I’m still working out the new Doctor’s quirks and personality.  I don’t like watching the shows as they air- there seems to be five billion commercials and the whole thing seems more rushed than watching it on DVD or Netflix.  But I don’t have much choice in that.  I thought the new interpretation of the Daleks is interesting.  Weeping Angels epidsode is coming up, hope that is cool. Been rewatching Dr Who at lunch at work, today I start season two with David Tennant.  Its neat to compare previous Doctors while figuring out the new guy.  Christopher Eccelston  was a bit goofy looking, but had this streak of anger and rage at the Daleks for destroying his people.  I don’t think we see that as much in Tennant, but I think we saw some of that in Matt Smith in the last episode.  How they dress is sort of telling as well- Eccelston’s charavter wore black leather- which when he morphs into Tennant looks a bit ridiculous.  I loved Tennant’s long coat and suits.  I think the billowy hunting coat was more to make him look more substantial- as Donna says, he is a skinny thing.   I also think Tennant’s look and especially Smith’s throw back to an older look- maybe to make this young-looking doctors (especially Smith) seem older and wiser?


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