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Nanaimo bar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Nanaimo bar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I think this will be my Canadian dessert.

3 thoughts on “Nanaimo bar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  1. I’ve never had poutine, but I can say without a doubt that Nanaimo bars are so freaking good, you’ll wonder how you’ve never tried them before.

  2. Hey there! Would you like some genuine Canadian recipes from a genuine Canadian? I make nanaimo bars all the time and my (relatively) new co-workers compare them favourably to the reigning NB Queen.

    Can you even get proper cheese curds down there?

  3. Genuine recipes would be great- I was getting suggestions from some Canadian internet friends. I think I saw cheese curds at the store the other day- I’ll have to investigate.

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