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Just came back from the grocery store.  I budget $125 for groceries from my paycheck (every two weeks)- I usually am the one to grocery shop, but Joe gets money too for when he goes to the store.  Today I spent $147.  And that was after the shopper’s card discount, e-coupons, being my own bags, and clipped coupons.  In all I saved $26.

I know I could buy things in bulk, like a bag of carrots or a whole thing of celery, but for our time and sanity, I usually buy things like that already cut up- onions too.  It makes for quicker meals at the end of a long day.  We don’t have a ton of freezer room or a chest freezer, or a huge pantry, so buying large bulk things is not really an option.  I try to buy store brand when I can if I don’t have a taste preference.  The most expensive thing I bought this trip was cat food- and I had an ecoupon for that AND there was another coupon on the cat food bag.  I think tied for second was either the Guinness, the hair dye, or the store brand slim fast I bought.

Just wondering what YOU do to save money at the grocery store.

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  1. I know it sucks, but buying in bulk and cutting up everything yourself saves you a lot of money in the long run. I usually clean and cut everything up on Sundays (or whenever I get home from the grocery store), I kind of make it a fun routine – and if there’s room in your kitchen you and Joe should prep the food for the week together – good couple time. Planning my meals ahead of time helps too – this week I wasn’t too good about that and Scott and I ate out twice (like he’s going to cook ;). Saves lots of money, and saves time during the week.

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