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Long Time…


So…. Its been a while.  I do read everyone’s blogs still, but things  got busy for me to blog.  I’ll try to sum up:

November- did not finish NaNoWriMo.  Had fun writing though, so I think I will try to keep going.  I think I’ll put what I’ve written so far in a tab above so curious minds can read the crap I’ve written so far.  Its all unedited, not sure where I’m going with this stuff, but hey, the internet is all about sharing and judging other people.

The week after Thanksgiving my grandmother passed away.  My dad’s mom.  I’ve never been close to that side of the family, but my mom was sick and couldn’t go back to NY with my dad, so I did.  I hadn’t seen my grandmother since my high school graduation, and hadn’t seen my uncle, aunt, and cousins since middle school sometime.  So… family is interesting.  My grandmother lived with my uncle and his family on Long Island.  They grew up with her around and saw her everyday and all that.  I didn’t. She sent cards on my birthday and Christmas.  We talked on the phone for about two minutes on holidays.  That side of my family are practically strangers to me.  Most of my family are practically strangers- I grew up in Missouri with just my parents.  Also, apparently I really take after my mom’s side of the family.  Cousin’s of my dad’s all said I look exactly like my mom- apparently they saw me from a distance and thought I was my mom.  My dad’s side of the family is Polish- light skin, hair and eyes.  My mom’s is Italian- darker skin, hair and eyes.  So, I don’t even look like my dad’s side of the family- and they made some Italian jokes which kinda made me uncomfortable.  I don’t really identify with being Italian or whatever- but still.  It doesn’t help that apparently my dad takes after his father- who left when he was a kid.  My uncle really looks like my grandmother- but dad not so much.  So… not sure where I am going with this but dealing with extended family for me is an odd thing.  We did go into “the city” one day- I’d never been to NYC, but my impression of it was that there was a shit ton of people and we walked really fast from one place to another and I didn’t have “walking” shoes on- just nice shoes for the funeral etc.  I would probably like to visit NYC at my own pace.  I did get to see my sister-in-law Kate.  That was nice to have lunch with her and I do miss seeing her more often.

December- The NY visit took me into December. I actually had to drive 3 hours to Phoenix to get a good flight in and out of NY, so I drove home on a Saturday. Worked Sunday, then drove back to the Phoenix area for the Arizona Library Association’s annual conference.  I am glad I attended this, its really good for me to try to be more involved with the library community, especially if I ever look for a different job.  Nothing can match STAM for a rocking good time conference though 🙂 !

Speaking about The Job, for a while it was really, really awful to go to work everyday.  There was a Person who just made everything awful and tense and backstabby and untrusting.  Because of the Person and the influence they had on others, I was looking for a new job, without much hope in this economy and the flood of Librarians from UofA.  But, as I left for NY and the conference- the Person transferred to another job.  It was all very sudden but the whole rest of the library staff took it as a chance to change and grow and work together.  Now its almost like a whole new job, and although there are still some rough spots, everyone is trying hard to be a Team and I am much happier at work now.

Also in December, I turned thirty.  That’s right 3-0.  Its not really a big deal, but it seems like such a grown-up number.  Joe got me an awesome present.  Most of you should know that my favorite author is JRR Tolkien.  Well, in the 1960’s Ace publishers in the US got tired of waiting for a US edition of The Lord of the Rings- and just published a set without permission- claiming UK copyright laws didn’t apply in the US.  Well, eventually things got settled and they paid Tolkien a piddly amount of money and the books were published by an authorized publisher.  Joe got me a set of the unauthorized books.  Very cool for the very nerdy.  🙂

December also brought Christmas.  Joe and I flew to Florida to visit my parents.  My dad knew about it, but we surprised my mom by ringing the doorbell.  She literally fell on the floor and was screaming and crying.  So- surprise a success?  We had a nice, quiet visit.

January- 2010 rolled in at a friend’s party.  Joe drank an entire bottle of rum and I had to be a bad mommy and not let him climb onto the roof.

I realized that in 2009 I only finished ONE knitting project.  I have since finshed a project that has been waiting a year for me to complete, and started two more.  I’ve been knitting at lunch at work.  I am happier when I knit so I should do it more often!

I am also happier when I do yoga.  I tried starting again to lose weight and failed miserably for January.  I am very much inspired by my friends who have lost sooo much weight- you guys rock and if you can so can I!  Each day is a new day to start. I think I might write about my feelings on this more later….

Lately I read a ton of Georgette Heyer books.  She writes Regency Romances (think Jane Austen) and if you like that sort of thing try out her books- I think my favorite is Regency Buck.  Right now I am listening to one of audiobook- Sprig Muslin, while I knit at lunch at work.

In TV news  Joe and I started watching Dr Who season 3, and paused that to start Torchwood.  Torchwood is excellent so far.  I also just finished the first season of The IT Crowd- very funny!  We taped the season premiere of Lost but haven’t watched it yet- no spoilers please!

Joe had been working late this week and for the next couple of weeks so that might curtail our TV watching if we both get home late.

We’ve also both been playing Dragon Age: Origins.  Really nice graphics, sound, music, and plot so far.

And…. I think that may be it for now!

6 thoughts on “Long Time…

  1. You rock, girl! Keep up with the Yoga and Knitting – I too, find it makes everything else easier. I’ve added Georgette Heyer to my goodreads list, hope to start one soon. Glad to see you are blogging again! Hugs!

  2. Yay, post!

  3. Good post. I liked reading about your going to new york and all the family stuff.

    It sounds like your mother was having a fit. I’m sure if my mom live in florida and i surprised her, she’d have a similar reaction.

    Don’t you just love Dr. Who?! I’ve only just recently started watching and David Tennant … I love that man.

    Okay. Keep posting! I’m trying to post only at, so look for me there.


  4. My sister and I surprised flew in to Washington from NYC and Alabama one night and lept on my mom in bed. She screamed a lot!

    Also I am SOOOOOO thrilled you are reading Georgette Heyer! I lover her too, but my fave is probably Sylvester!

  5. I haven’t read Sylvester- I’ll have to try to find it.

  6. Good to see you blog too! Maybe we can all keep each other on track so we don’t lose touch of each other as much.

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