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Nov 16

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I’ve written more, but not a ton. I started using Liquid Story Binder, which is really cool.  So, I’ve done some character and world development.  I hand wrote some very interesting developments today at lunch- I look forward to more.  According to my word count with Liquid Story Binder, I have 8484 words, which is less than my last count with Word, so I’m not sure what to make of that.


The night seemed darker than it should be, especially at this time of year when the days were getting longer and longer and the nights shorter.  I fumbled with my keys and dropped them.
“Shoot!” I mumbled to myself and bent to pick them up, but when my hand reached for the key ring, another hand was already there.  I yelped, a terribly undignified sound, some part of my brain informed me, and straightened up, backing away from the figure now standing in front of me.
“Sorry to frighten you, miss,” the man said in a husky voice.  He was tall; the top of my head came only to his collar bone.  He had a scruffy thicket of black hair, and I knew that he must be my mystery man.  His black leather jacket and jeans clinched it.  He was the man from the park.
“You… I… I didn’t…” I stumbled, suddenly breathing fast as about five different thoughts all tried to voice themselves at the same time.  I finally settled on “We’re closed.”  Then I blushed, knowing I sounded terribly rude to someone who just helped me.  And I knew I sounded like a babbling idiot.  I wondered if he could see my red cheeks in the dim light.
“Here you go,” he replied, handing me my keys.  The keys were almost hot from the heat from his fingers.  My hands were ice cold- as they always were.
“Thanks” I mumbled.  I turned, locked the door, and looked back at my Samaritan.  He was gone.  Not a trace to be seen.
I shivered.
“Well, that was spooky.” I said to the night.  Yet another spooky thing in what seemed to be a spook-filled day.


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