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Nov 9

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Sorry!  Been busy so I haven’t posted the weekend’s efforts.

Word Count: 7275

Characters created:  Leander, Marla Jenkins, Geoff, Mrs. Pinkner, Carrie, and a tall, dark, mysterious man yet to be named in the book’s world

Characters already deceased: Dad, Nana



I started shelving mysteries and  saw Mrs. Pinkner, a regular customer at the library, coming towards me.

“Good Afternoon Mrs. Pinkner, how are you doing today?” I asked as she looked at the books I was putting up.

“I’m doing well dear.  Anything new today?”  Mrs. Pinkner was devoted to mystery novels.  She asked for new ones every time she came in the library.

“Not today Mrs. Pinker.  We should get the new Sue Grafton next week.”

“Oh good!  Please make sure my name is down on the waiting list, Tamsin.”

“Already down Mrs. Pinker.  I’ll call you when it’s in.  Have a good day!” I told her as I moved on to shelving biographies.

“Thanks dear, you too.”

It took me about forty minutes to finish putting everything away across the library and head back to the circulation desk.

“Hey Tamsin, there was someone here looking for you.” Geoff told me as I sat down.  “I told him he could find you shelving, but he just turned around and left again.”

“Oh.  Probably someone I helped last week coming back with another question.  College kid, blonde?”

“ No.  He didn’t look familiar.  Definitely not college age.  Tall, black hair.  I don’t think I’ve seen him in here before.”  I didn’t recognize his description of the man either.


One thought on “Nov 9

  1. I think it’s good that you have a bit of yourself in there; something grounding and a nice contrast to all of the fantasy elements.

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