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Nov 6

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Total Words: 4777
Total words today: 374

Characters Created: Senga

My biggest accomplishment yesterday was changing my main character (Tamsin) from third person to first person. So what I posted yesterday now reads like this:

To further complicate my morning, as I poured out my cereal I looked into the bowl full of wheat flakes to find a spider. It was about the size of a nickel, black, and quite alive- scrambling about in the cereal flakes. Now, I can be quite brave when dealing with blood or messes or snakes, but I am quite ready to admit that I am deathly afraid of spiders. (Or really, anything with too many legs or antennae.) Because of this I gave a small shriek, dumped the entire contents of the bowl into the trash, which was then quickly followed by the cereal box. After dancing around the kitchen to chase away the shivers running down my spine, I then had to make do with half of glass of milk (which tasted as if it was about to go sour) and a piece of toast spread with peanut butter.

It seems Tamsin likes to talk with lots of parentheses.

One thought on “Nov 6

  1. Robyn … you’re not posting … i hope you’re still writing …

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