Robyn's Words

Nov 4

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Not much written today:

Word Count Today- 138

Total Words- 3777

Words to Go-46364

Characters created: Rusalka


This is where Rusalka was watching the boy child.  The shadows under the trees were as dark as a night and Rusalka barely needed the gloaming cloaking him, but pulling it around him felt sweet and comforting.  He flitted from branch to branch and from tree to tree, leaping the longer gaps, his outstretched tail helping him catch his balance on the landing.  The cold air trapped among the pines smelled sharply of sticky sap with a whiff of turpentine.  Crawling down a branch closer to the edge of the copse, Rusalka flicked his tail, disturbing several branches and causing a cascade of snow, icicles, and pine needles to fall to the ground.  This movement caught Caleb’s eye.  The little boy toddled a few steps towards the thicket, his latest stick still clutched between his pudgy fingers.

One thought on “Nov 4

  1. Okay, so, small day. You’re doing great though, keep going.

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