Robyn's Words

Nov 3


Word Count Today- 522

Total Words- 3639

Words to Go-46364

Characters created:  Caleb Hunter Beckmann, Colleen, Tristan, Daniel


The boy child toddled about on unsure legs.  His sense of balance was not quite completely formed, so he often found himself tipping forward and almost running when he wanted to change direction or saw something interesting he wanted to go to.  His limbs were chubby, with the barest hint of the hard joints poking through, fingers round and clumsily grasping.  The boy child was dressed for trekking through the heavy snow, with a cartoon character emblazoned long-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans layered under thick white socks, puffy black ski-pants held up with suspenders, and a green quilted down jacket.  He had lost both mittens mere minutes after following his older brothers outside.  His straight dark brown hair, trimmed into a crew cut that had grown shaggy over the winter months, was covered with a navy blue knit watch cap.  His skin was rosy, with bright red circles on his cheeks from the cold, and his eyes were a warm brown.  The boy child’s name was Caleb Hunter Beckmann, but at his young age he still pronounced his name “Cayweb”.


2 thoughts on “Nov 3

  1. Very nice. I look forward to the editing stage if that something you’re planning on. And you’re almost 10% there! Keep going!

  2. Oh yes, editing needs to be done, but I will wait to do that after I have 50,000 words

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