Robyn's Words

Nov 2

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Word Count Today- 1107

Total Words- 3117

Words to Go-46886

Characters created:  Tiraal, Angela Dawn (Roberts) Stewart, Madison, Kevin

Characters killed: Angela Dawn (Roberts) Stewart


As the woman turned to close the back door and open the driver’s side door, Tiraal skittered across the cement sidewalk and climbed inside the car.  The back door slammed, and the car rocked slightly as Angela seated herself and closed her own door.  Under the driver’s seat, Tiraal felt the engine come to life setting the entire car humming and vibrating with the engine’s power.  The interior of the car was grey, except where the seats or floor rugs were stained brown from past soda spills or the occasional car sickness accident.  The floorboards were dusty, with stray Cheerios and pretzel sticks scattered about, mixed in with dog hair that had been shed when transporting a nervously excited Coco to the vet.  There was a musty, enclosed smell to the car, along with a hot scent that came from the air blowing through the heating system.  Talk news radio played quietly in the front seat, a woman with a neutral mid-western accent pronouncing everything she said in an overly-correct way talking about the new developments in an African conflict zone.  Tiraal peered up at the woman’s daughter.

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