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Long Time, No Post


Sorry, I know you all are on pins and needles waiting for me to post about my exciting life.  I’ll try to do a round up of the past 2 months.

Work has been find lately- it was doing a very good impression of a roller coaster, but we seem to have evened out right now.

I’ve been put in charge of our Social Networking- which means that I have created a Facebook page for the library- here is the link if you want to check it out.

This week is Banned Books Week, and I’ve been posting 2 books a day on the Facebook page, and yesterday made a mini-display for the library.

Picture 007Picture 009Picture 008

I’ve been reading off and on- you can follow me on GoodReads- and I just finished listening to The Name of the Wind again.  I have now started The Magicians by Lev Grossman.  I read the new Outlander book- Echo in the Bone in a week- (love this series!) and am reading The Lost Symbol- the new Dan Brown book.  Waiting to be read is The Other Boleyn Girl, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, and Mr. Darcy Vampyre.

I have not had a chance to cook lately- but did make these delicious egg cups- in a greased muffin tin, place a piece of bread with crusts cut off in each cup.  Toast in the oven.  Then, line the bread with some bacon (I use precooked), add cheese and seasonings, and an egg on top.  Add more cheese.  Bake until the egg is as runny or hard as you like.  Yum!

Picture 001

Picture 002

Picture 003

I did try to start a new knitting project- the EveryWay Wrap from Interweave Knits.  Bought beautiful cinnamon colored yarn for it- but the yarn and the pattern and me were not getting along- so now I’ve designed my own reversible wrap and that should be heading right along now that I am not reading Echo in the Bone at lunch.

In August I took another yoga class at the community center- the instructor took a break for September- but she will have classes all through October, November, and December- and I plan on taking those.  Yoga just makes me feel better- both physically and spiritually.

I appear to be allergic to something in AZ after all- someone said it might be the sycamore trees on post- cause my nose is sooo itchy.

The cats continue to be cute.

Joe is not a contractor on post anymore- he now has a government position- doing basically the same thing as before.  Its a much more stable position to be in, although a bit less pay. He still plays golf almost every weekend, and lately has been playing some baseball game on the PS2 and watching Stargate.

I was watching Buffy when bored, but wanted something funny so switched to How I Met Your Mother- watching season 1 again right now.  I lurve Allyson Hannigan with red hair.  Also watching the new Project Runway on Lifetime now.  And a new fall season of So You Think You Can Dance is on, so watching that with Joe.  I’ve started watching Glee- its very entertaining! I also watched the first and second seasons of True Blood and Coraline- both which I enjoy (for different reasons).

I got some new shoes- Danskos- I cannot reccomend those shoes enough for NOT having sore feet at the end of the day- including these cute boots:

I am again playing Fantasy Football this year- one public team and one Ravelry knitting team. Both my teams are 2 and 1 so far.  Both of them are named the Spitting Alpacas.

Ummm- I think I may be tapped out- I will try to post more often from now on!

3 thoughts on “Long Time, No Post

  1. wow, you have been doing a lot! /profound comment

  2. You should just post daily or weekly to avoid those draining month-long posts. 😉

  3. So what’s with the alpacas? We have a guy at my work whose team is named the Fighting Alpacas. Is there some obscure Alpaca fan club I don’t know about?

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