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How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?


My score was 15.  We are not near enough to anything to walk to it.

What’s your score?


6 thoughts on “How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?

  1. Mine is 65. But as you know, it’s way too hot here to really make walking a viable option, so my own scale takes about 60 points off for that.

  2. Internet says 63, but several of the listed places are closed, and some of those have been for years.

  3. Mine is a 58 – but in this area, not really a great idea to walk a majority of the places listed – not too safe.

  4. Mine is 98. Well mine and Sam’s but we live very near downtown Chicago in an old established high rise building in a fairly old established corner of neighborhood. My apartment is a 98 too, but it is also in a primo urban neighborhood.

  5. i got a 65. i can walk to whatever i need, honestly, although it can be a challenge to lug things around.

  6. I got an 86, pretty good, except they consider the closet market an actual grocery store… it is jut a beer and chip mart.

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