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So- its been a while since I posted.
Lots of things have happened since then- so I hope to catch everyone up and blog more often.

One thing that happened was that we painted the bedroom!

Our story in pictures: (click for big)

I will have more finished pics when we do touch ups and hang a few more things.

I lurrrrve the bedroom now. Its dark and exotic and so pretty! The color is Sherwin Williams Adriatic Sea. We had some trouble with it (see pics where the paint job looks horrible)- because not enough pigment was put in it to cover in one coat- as it should have. But, the new paint was great and they refunded our money so I will still buy from them!

The picture and left hand (my) table is from World Market. The right hand (Joe’s) table and decorative pillow is from Pier One. The duvet cover is from West Elm. Most everything else is from Target, Marshalls, and Ross.

Nearly everything in the room is also storage- my table is a cabinet with shelves, Joe’s has a drawer, I got 2 square cube ottomans from Target in the corners that open for storage, as well as a rectangular one that is brown leather that opens (right now it hold my yoga stuff).

On the other side of the room are cube shelves that hold the TV, my jewelry in various boxes, magazines, books, knick knacks, and cube drawers for our socks. The dresser was moved to the closet.

Over the large window are brown silk blackout curtains with linen curtains on either side. The smaller window has just the brown curtains, and I hung linen curtains over the entry to the bathroom- it helps block light and gives some privacy too in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Bedroom

  1. That looks really nice! Did Joe pick out his table? And I wanna see a picture of the t.v.!

  2. I really like it too! I remember you were having a hard time deciding what to do. Looks like you made a good choice!

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