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Omni Tucson National Resort


Over Memorial Day weekend Joe and I went to the Omni Tucson National Resort.  In short: it was wonderful!

Friday night- we drove up to Tucson.  The resort is on the north side of Tucson, near the mountains.  We checked in and walked to our room, which was near the center of the complex.  Once around the pool, we immediately see a fire pit with comfy chairs around it.

To room:


From room:


Fire pit:


Our room was beautiful!  We then realized we had forgotten a camera- we ended up buying a disposable one from the spa the next day.  So, our pictures are few, and not terribly good. So, I’ve augmented with online photos for you. We went and got some wine at one of the restaurants and sat on the balcony of the main building.

The room- again, beautiful room- but even with all the lights on and the flash the pics are awful: (also- I know I took more- Target didn’t print all or them- and when I asked they said all of them were on the cd- and they aren’t!- grr)




Saturday-we woke up, put on the cushy hotel robes, and ordered room service for breakfast- Joe had heuvos rancheros and I had French toast.  We ate on the balcony, which had views of one of the two gold courses- the “traditional” coursee that was all green and lush and that the PGA plays on.



Right behind us was the cart path to the driving range- so carts went by all day- but its wasn’t noisy at all.  In fact, as I was taking these pics Joe went by in his cart!

Saturday Joe played the other golf course- this one has a desert landscape and was very nice according to Joe “I almost cried”.  The drink cart came around often and a guy came out to clean his clubs at the 18th.

While Joe played golf with two guys from Alberta, I went to the spa.  I got a hot stone massage, a cleansing facial, and after lunch and some sitting by the pool, a pedicure.

Joe and I then went and had drinks at Legends, their bar and grill type restaurants.  It looks out at the traditional course.


Then, we got dressed up and had dinner at Bob’s Steak and Chop House.

That night, we swam in the pool, got in the hot tub, ordered various drinks from room service, and sat by the fire pit and chatted with neighbors.  Not necessarily in that order, and we hopped from one to the other whenever we got hot/cold or whatever.

Sunday- Sunday morning I woke up early and went to a yoga class that kicked my butt!  Then we had breakfast at their breakfast restaurant with a large buffet and a guy to make you omelets.  Next- pool time!



We actually had to leave the resort that afternoon to go to the movies!  We saw Terminator Salvation and had lunch at a nearby mall.  I also bought a beautiful watch as a graduation present to myself.

That night- dinner at Legends and more pool/hot tub/fire pit and delivered drinks.  (The hot chocolate was Mexican spiced- yummm)

Monday- more pool sitting in the morning, then we checked out around noon and ate breakfast at a nearby IHOP- then home!

Firepit by night with a disposable camera pic:



2 thoughts on “Omni Tucson National Resort

  1. Oh my gosh! Talk about the “good life!”

  2. Joe’s farmer tan is hawt. 😀

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