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Angels & Demons

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Saw Angels & Demons this weekend.  Now, I really like the book by Dan Brown- better than DaVinci Code.  Right now I’m listening to Angels & Demons in the car.  I wanted to see the film, but knew I’d be upset at the very least by Tom Hanks.  I think he’s awful for the part of Robert Langdon.  But, I wanted to see the movie anyway.  It was ok.  My biggest issue was that they rewrote at least 2/3 of the book- majorly rewrote it- made new characters, split characters up, renamed people for no apparent reason- and changed main character’s motivation from being good guys to bad guys.  The premise is the same, but the outcome completly different.  It just doesn’t make sense to me that you would change the book’s story that much.  Anyone else see it? Read the book?  Thoguhts?

One thought on “Angels & Demons

  1. I haven’t read either of them. It seems like it’s the Law of Book to Movie Adaptations to get farther from the original with each “adaptation.” Like with the Bourne trilogy.

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