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I had a dream last night that Margaret’s cat Anna had kittens.  She wasn’t fixed, but a neighbor’s cat was supposed to be- but they had kittens.  The neighbor cat was a dark tabby- kind of like Aslan but darker (maybe like Aeres?)  She had five or six kittens- most were dark tabbies.  One was like a seal point siamese, but not siamese, and two were red, kinda of stripey. Not orange red, but rusty red.   Margaret and Donald were going to keep one red kitten, and me and Joe another.  One red kitten was named Mr. Rummy, even though it was a girl.   Margaret’s mom had named her.  The other was male and named Hoggle from Labyrinth.  Jim was there too and was picking out a kitten.  This was all in Margaret’s parents garage where the kittens were, but of course it wasn’t their actual house, but a dream house that was theirs.


2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. That’s fantastic! Dreams make the best blog posts.

  2. I will name my kitty Skeletor.

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