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I had this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.  Friday I went shopping.  Saturday Joe and I, along with some friends, went to a Blessing of the Vines at a nearby vinyard.  They had wine and food pairings, and, even though I am not a huge wine drinker, I really like at least two of the wines, and could tell even the wines I didn’t like were good.  The food was excellent too- steak, duck, shrimp, goat cheese, cheesecake, truffles…  The best was edible Australian hibiscuis in the sparking wine.  We bought both the sparkling wine and the hibiscuis, plus a bottle of white wine.  It was nice and warm- in the 80’s, and but the time we finished at the first vinyard, everyone was red from the sun.  We drove Caprica with the top off, and everyone else was on bikes, it was the perfect day for it.  Then we visited two more vinyards, buying one more bottle of rose wine that tasted of raspberries.  I had a great time with Joe (and with the wine).  Sunday we just hung out, while I nursed my wicked sunburn and a slightly upset stomach- too much rich food and wine!  I must be getting old!  Now, back to work…


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