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Spring Shopping


avagardnerdcWent shopping today!  Bought quite a few tops at Old Navy, some Dansko shoes:


The black ones I had to order, but the brown sandals I wore home.

Bought some cardigans here and there, but I was really looking for dresses, because you can put on a dress- one item of clothing, and pow! You’re dressed!

First this dress from NY & Co:


Plus a dress cut like this, but with a different blue & black print from Anne Taylor:


Then this black dress from White House/Black Market:


It’s cotton and silk, comfy, and will go with lots of things for work or other occasions.  I really was torn between this dress, and this one:


Which is like a complete outfit in itself.  And, well, if you know me at all, fits my ideal self style.  Maybe next paycheck it will still come home with me.

2 thoughts on “Spring Shopping

  1. wow, cute stuff! i can definitely see that last outfit on you.

  2. I like the black shoes. Could I be a girl for a day and borrow them?

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