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Caprica and Me

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So, last night I finally got to drive Caprica.  That is what we are calling her for now, to see if it fits.  For those of you who don’t know, Caprica Six is a character on Battlestar Galactica.  There is also a Head Six version of her, who mostly wears a red dress:


I think it fits.

I am not a car person- but this car is so freaking sweet.  It is hard not to admire it while you are driving down the road, or see it parked in a parking lot, or the garage.

One small drawback from the Five Hundred (who I call Arthur) is that Caprica only has a singe CD player- while Arthur holds 6 MP3 cds- so Joe has had to burn more music for himself.  I wondered why I suddenly had new suggestion on my iTunes- because this is what he bought:

November Rain

Livin’ On A Prayer

Winds of Change


One thought on “Caprica and Me

  1. LOL why am i not suprised at those choices. he always had a weakness for the big rock ballads. what was that one compliation he listened to over and over again….. some “bought off of tv thing”, like BUZZ BALLADS or something

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