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I seem to want to name things lately…

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This is the Buffybot-  otherwise known as a Roomba robotic vacuum.  I lurves it.  My floors are very clean- if not the rest of the house.  I happily goes around the room, bumping into things, sucking and sweeping.

The poor thing got lost yesterday though.  It is designed to go back to its homebase to charge when done cleaning.  I had placed it and the base in the bedroom before starting it and leaving for work yesterday.  I set up the virtual wall across the doorway to keep it in the bedroom but let the cats in and out- or so I thought.  There is also an option for a lighthouse- which tells the Buffybot to clean the next room, too, then guides it back to the base. I accidently set it on lighthouse- so it did the bedroom, then the next “room”- which was the rest of the house. When I came home from work I noticed the spare room door open- thought Huck did it, and closed it.  Then I noticed the Buffybot not on the charger in the bedroom.  We searched there, then the living room, then the kitchen, then I thought- the spare room!  There is was, in the corner of the closet- looking all sad.  The cat must have opened the door- so in the Buffybot went, and then couldn’t navigate back to the lighthouse and the charger.  Poor thing!  Made me think Buffybot was a good name for it.



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