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I want to call her “Caprica”


OMG, I’ve been so busy.  I’ll start with the most photogenic of the new stuff.  My car started dying, and even though it was an easy/cheap fix, we traded in the Ford Contour and got:

556203107556203125556203145556203285556203331A 2006 Corvette.

Joe is so happy.

I like it too.

We got a good deal- the dealer selling it is friends with a coworker of Joe.  We wern’t planning on buying a new car while paying off the Five Hundred, so money may be a bit tight for a while, but it is not out of our budget.

I want to name the car Caprica- after Caprica Six- or maybe something else- any ideas?  I think I’ll name the Five Hundred (now my everyday car) Arthur. It fits.

2 thoughts on “I want to call her “Caprica”

  1. holy shit! that is crazy, but awesome. i don’t think i’ve named a car since the mach five.

  2. jealous now.

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