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I’m still here!


Sorry folks, I was doing really well posting everyday, but the world caught up with me in a very exhausting fashion.  Here’s what’s been happening:

  • Feb 02- in processing with GDIT- all the regular HR stuff, with a security briefing thrown in!
  • Feb 03- First day of Front Line Supervision training for GDIT, basically, how to be a manager- except at the time I didn’t even know what my duties were as site lead
  • Feb 04- Second day of training
  • Feb 05- training at the MI Library with Elaine, who I am replacing- 1130-2030
  • Feb 06- third and last day of Front Line training
  • Feb 07-Feb 10- working at the library, either 0900-1800 or 1130-2030
  • Feb 11- first day off in nine days!  Be exhausted.
  • Feb 12- more exhaustion, tinged with a developing cold
  • Feb 13- work 0900-1800, definitely getting a cold
  • Feb 14- work from home, as the library was closed because the heat was turned off, stay in bed all day with cold
  • Feb 15- work 0900-1800, cold a bit better, no computers working makes soldiers grouchy
  • Feb 16- the same as Feb 15, but with the computers up and down all day, cold much better
  • Feb 17- work 1130-2030
  • Feb 18- work 1130-2030
  • Feb 19-  yay no work!  Must now do schoolwork….

Overall, I really enjoy helping the soliders find the information they need.  I’m getting to know my coworkers, some I get along better with than others.  The only part I really don’t like about the job is the cleaning at night- we vaccuum, wipe everything down, take out trash, etc.  But soon there will be a cleaning crew that does that.

What questions do you all have about my job?

4 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. Sounds hard! I hope they are paying you well!

  2. Sounds like they are shorthanded if you have to work so much. Also sound like you were lucky to get the job with the economy like it is. All around here libraries are closing. What kind of library do you work at? Is it public or a college library?

    Keep up with the school work though…..are you due to graduate this May?

  3. I work at a special library- the Military Intelligence Library at Ft. Huachuca. I do graduate in May- so life won’t be sooo hectic for long. Can I ask how you found my blog- I don’t recognize your name from my usual readers.

  4. You certainly can ask how I found your blog. I was your Sockapalooza 4 sock knitter!! The socks I knit for you were the second pair of socks I had ever made.

    I also understand grad work as I too will graduate in May with my Masters in Education. I can’t wait to have a spare moment to breath.

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