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What I Wore Feb 02 and Feb 03



Feb 02:


Sorry for the poor picture- this was at 7am, and the light was poor.  Pink blouse with dark pink dots from Old Navy, grey pants from The Gap, pink knee-highs from Target, black Mary-Jane wedges from J-41, multi-color wooden bead necklace and silver bird bracelet from Target

I was going to try to take a better picture at lunch, but then I spilled tomato soup on them, so I changed to my White House/Black Market black pants, and added a v-neck cardigan from there since it was chilly.


Feb 3:


Grey sweater and black sleevless shirt from Old Navy, black skirt from NY & Co, braclet from Target, black belt from Joe, shoes from J-41, red bead neckalce from ?, and diamond earrings.

3 thoughts on “What I Wore Feb 02 and Feb 03

  1. I liked the pink & gray the best! 🙂

    I think the pink & black looks a bit jumbly because of the shirt under the sweater. But it’s a close second.

    I think the final outfit would look better/sexier with different shoes and w/o the black shirt under the sweater.

  2. The last outfit did look better with cuter shoes- kitten heel mary janes, but my feet hurt just around the house- so I went with the comfier clunkier mary jane wedges.

  3. Cute outfits! I LOVE the necklace in the first picture.

    I agree on the shoes in the last one, and I think it’s because of the horizontal line of the strap (visually cutting short the line of your legs and all that, which is really only an issue with skirts, not pants). But yes, by all means, shoe comfiness is a big factor as well! 🙂

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