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What I Wore January 27th



I am going to try to document some of my outfits, to try to get a sense of what I like to wear or what looks nice on me.  I may post daily, weekly, or whatever. Please feel free to click on the poll or type in a comment or idea- you can have multiple answers. For this outfit and others like it, I am on the lookout for some funky brooches/pins.

January 27 2009


Old Navy white v-neck short sleeve shirt, NY & Co green silk and wool cardigan, The Gap plaid khaki pants, Ariat brown shoes, NY & Co brown belt, multi-diamond square earrings, Etsy scrabble tile tree pendant, everyday rings and bracelet.

Close up of the plaid pants for lesliele:



6 thoughts on “What I Wore January 27th

  1. it doesn’t look like it fits quite right. Pants look a little big, sweater is wide across the shoulder, but not wide enough across the hips. Maybe because it’s not buttoned the whole way? I bet a cardigan with a v-neck or shawl collar would work better if you don’t want to be completely buttoned up.

  2. Hmm- the pants are a bit loose- everywhere but my backside- which unfortunately is what I have to fit them for. The top, because of my wider hips, does not fit as well at the bottom- and I like at least the top unbuttoned- I do like v-necks better than crew. I should remember that when buying. I had it mostly buttoned because it was cold- and the white shirt underneath was a bit see-through. Thanks for giving me things to think about!

  3. Hi 🙂 Saw your post on OS and had to come look.

    The combination of your stance and the camera angle are a little awkward and give me a challenge to find a waistline at all. Personally, I find that wearing a shirt or sweater untucked over belted pants adds weight and girth to my midsection, and it looks like this may be the case for you as well. It’s also hard for me to make out what kind of shoes you are wearing; it seems they are heavier shoes that may weigh you down. Again, that could be my misperception due to camera angle.

    I do really like the colors together; that pretty sagey green looks good on us fair-skinned brunettes. I bet a bright colored tank/tee – bright jewely blue? bright sunshine yellow? fire-engine red? – could look really good; those little bits of color near your belt and neckline would be a great accent.

    Your idea of brooches would be a nice addition. Another idea would be several long thin necklaces. They draw the eye up and down for height and leanness. A long sheer silky scarf would be lovely for that – maybe in a related green with some pinks? Nothing too wide though.

    How do you feel about longer earrings? You can find some nice lightweight but long earrings. With that super pixie cut, you can definitely work long earrings. (Yes – I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt.) Be brave and try it out once!

    Overall, I think it’s a good outfit – this FP Officer is satisfied! I hope you can find some use and value in my suggestions. 😀

  4. Wow- thanks. I’m still playing with how to take a pic of myself, so I’ll work on that. I have a waist, really I do- I’ll have to try some looks to emphasize it- unfortunately no belt is not an option if I don’t want to show everyone my underwear. The shoes are a bit heavy, but are very very comfortable. My feet get cranky in about 5 mins in “cute” shoes, so I have to sacrifice my feet to the comfort gods over the fashion gods. I’ll have to try out a bright color under the cardi, I’m still trying to break out of the blue mold and other colors are new and different and feel a bit awkward. I do think I would like to try longer earrings- I bought some hoops/danglies that are not very big, but I will take baby steps, as I feel with my short hair it just feels like I’m screaming “Hey Look at my Earrings!” But I did see some awfully cute long earrings at the store… so I might be persuaded to give them a try.

  5. I vote for the longer earrings as well. With short hair, you can really have fun ones, and it adds so much interest. Plus, it adds a more feminine touch.

    Also, V-necks are going to be more flattering because they show more length on your neck. I agree with QN and the bright pops of color! 🙂 Those could be fun. And I hear you on the shoes issue– my feet are in bad shape right now, and I’m stuck with clogs. Blah.

    Oh, and did you have another pic of the patns? I can’t tell that they’re plaid! I’d like to see. 😉

  6. I’ll do my best to get a better pic- its very subtle

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