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Well, this past week I gained 1.6 lbs.

New weight: 139.8

Not too surprising, as I didn’t exercise as much this week.  The yoga in the park did kick my butt, stretching new parts, but I didn’t eat that well.  That is why this is a new week and I can do better!  I’ve decided to add a daily 20 min sun salutation to my exercise, that may help, to get right up and have at least that 20 mins of movement.  I think parts of it are harder than the hour long yoga I do!  Time for exercise is going to get slim soon, as I have a job!  I start training next week and work the next. (I’ll post more when I officially know more) Remember I’m also taking 3 graduate classess too.  I’m going to be busy busy.  But, if I don’t have at least 20 mins a day just for me, something is wrong.  Wish me luck!

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