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Clothes in my Closet


avagardnerdcSo yesterday I cleaned out my closets.  I tried on all of my work clothes from teaching.  I them made three piles- Fits, Almost Fits, and Doesn’t Fit.  Fits are clothes I can wear right now.  Almost Fits are clothes that I can get on, but maybe won’t button or looks or feels too tight.  I hopefully will lose weight enough to wear these, as they include black, grey, khaki, and brown pants, two much-loved brown skirts, and a few tops that the sleeves are too tight or the bust doesn’t button. Doesn’t Fit is self-explanatory, and got demoted to being folded on the top shelf of the closet. I then took pictures of everything and uploaded them to Flickr.  Some are bad flash or blurred pictures, but they do the job.  Feel free to have a look here.  Right now I have 1 pair of pants and several skirts, and quite a few sweaters, shirts, and blouses.


Today, using a gift certificate online, I bought 3 sleeveless button-down blouses from Old Navy– I think these will  be good for under long-sleeved sweaters, when wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath would be too tight. I bought white, black, and blue.


Apparently I have lots of white, black, and  blue tops, and several print skirts.  I think I need to:

  • Get at least 2 pairs of pants- khaki and maybe grey or brown
  • Get at least 2 solid skirts- again, khaki and another color
  • Find a top to go with the orange poppy skirt– I’ve never worn it!
  • Inject colors other that blue, white, and black into my clothes- I like other colors now, like dark pink, orange, red, purple, and green

I already have plans to knit the dark teal u-neck vest, and I think I want to knit the Shalom cardigan too.  I’d like to have a bit of a funky style, and not just mindlessley wear clothes each day.

What opinions do you have on my clothes?  How would you add to my wardrobe?  Comment please!

PS- I was wondering if this cami works over a long sleeved shirt- I took an impromptu pic:


I thought it might be a bit weird, with the fuller torso and low neckline.


3 thoughts on “Clothes in my Closet

  1. Totally works, but wear drarker (black or charcoal pants under it.

  2. i can’t decide!

  3. I think it’s a bit fussy. I like layers, totally – but this doesn’t really work in my opinion. I think the top is too summery for the blouse, or something. I can’t really put my finger on it really.

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