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Today’s weight- 138.2

Down 0.6 lbs from last week- only half a pound to go for my 5% goal!

Despite everyone’s lovely votes, I’ve decided to make the Back to School Vest.  As it will be my first sweater, I thought something without sleeves would be the easiest to attempt.  Also, there seems to be some issues with the other sweaters, so I’d rather get some sweater knitting experience before attempting them.

Back to School U-Neck Vest

Back to School U-Neck Vest

I picked out a lovely blue-green shade- darker than the pic above, called Aporto in Cascade 220 Heathers:


Half a pound to go until cast on!


One thought on “SMAO MLKJ Day

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. And the sweater. I don’t know what the other choice(s) were, but that I’m sure will look nice.

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