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Shopping Trip



So, I went to Tucson to shop today.  I went to the Park Place Mall.  Why did I shop?  I have an interview for a job on Monday.  I don’t know much about it right now, but Joe’s boss knows a guy and they want to interview me for a library job, even though a job may not be opening up for a few weeks.  Which is fine by me, as I’m still working on my degree.  But anyway, I need decent clothes to wear, as most of my clothes from teaching don’t fit anymore.

I ended up buying an outfit from White House/Black Market, a store I usually look in but not buy anything.


I thought this blazer was really cute-the photo doesn’t show the flower pin on the lapel.  I don’t normally go for this type of outfit, but it looked professional and chic at the same time.


I also got this belt- a nice dressy belt instead of the one I wear with jeans.  It’s reversible, too- the other side is white.


Pants!  I was looking for a skirt, but apparently the trend is for pencil skirts right now, and those don’t look good on me at all.

I also bought a short sleeved v-neck black t-shirt to wear under the blazer.  I tried it on with a white dress shirt, and it looked nice, but was uncomfortable to wear, the sleeves of the shirt were 3/4 and felt bunched up around my elbows.


2 thoughts on “Shopping Trip

  1. I like that outfit. Sounds really cute! Sometimes I roll the dress shirt sleeves up to the length or above the length of the 3/4 length shirt and unbutton it way more than I would without an undershirt but still very closed and just wear it that way.

  2. Good luck at the job interview!

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