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In Tucson yesterday, I drove past a The Walking Company store.  Knowing they have comfy shoes, I stopped on my way back. Just my luck, they were having a sale!

I quickly found a pair of athletic shoes for walking, as mine are not too good.


These are Ecco Receptor RXP 1600.  Very comfy with good support.  These were on sale for $89- online they are $110.


These are from J-41, an new company to me.  The style is Grand, and mine are just the same except they are all black.  I hope these can go with pants and skirts.  They fit with regular socks, trouser socks, and nylons, so hopefully they will be versatile. I don’t think this is too much to ask of shoes, do you? Unfortunately these were not on sale, so were $109.

There were cute Merrills and Danskos, but they didn’t really fit me right.  My feet are weird and blister-prone, and I need something to keep my feet in the shoes- I walk out of them super easy.  They also had Ariat, which are shoes I wear every day.  If these ever wear out I’ll have to buy more.

What are your favorite shoes to wear?


4 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. If you like your eccos, and want more, check eBay. I got mine from seller the Shoe Planet for around $50. Brand new.

  2. My favorite shoe? One that fits! I’m a AAA width (super narrow) so it’s hard to find one that fits properly. Even the narrows that some stores sell are too wide for me, as those tend to be either A or AA.

  3. Are your see-through shoes Ecco?

  4. I have a pair of J-41 that I got last year for travelling. The leather took a while to break in, but they are now fabulous. I have had them for 3 years and wear them all summer when traveling or just walking around town. They look like dressy shoes, but feel like sneakers.

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