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Five… Five pounds… Five pounds lost!

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Whoo hoo!  I really didn’t think I was going to get there this week.  New Year’s Eve was full of not-so-good foods, as whas Saturday when we went to a brunch at one of Joe’s friend’s house.  When I weighed myself on those days to see how I was doing- I had gained as much as 3 lbs!  But today when I stepped on the scale it said 139.6!  Happy Dance Happy Dance!

I think Joe wants to eat better too, he might do the Body for Life thing again, as that worked for him last year, but not so much for me.  He really doesn’t want to do WW for some reason, though.  I still think he should try some yoga and see how it is too “real exercise”.  He also doesn’t think my walking is “real exercise”.  Boo on him- it’s way better than sitting on the couch!

I am starting to really enjoy my walks, and my legs don’t protest as much when I’m done.  I was walking 20 minutes, but now have started wearing a pedometer and walking until I hit a mile, which is about 25 minutes.  If I go down the street, then up to the park, around three times, then up the street back home, it usually just a little bit over a mile.

Tomorrow I have my first yoga class- wish me luck and smooth bending!  It starts at 9- early for me!


One thought on “Five… Five pounds… Five pounds lost!

  1. Congratulations! And tell my son that walking is very good, low impact exercise!!!

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