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An interesting concept from a Ravelry WW forum about all or nothing dieting:

Just because you spill a glass of milk…would you then pick up the carton and proceed to throw it all over the kitchen? Of course not, you pick up the spilt milk and move on. Or, say you take a wrong turn in the car. Do you keep going in that direction until you hit the next ocean? Of course not, you turn around and get back on track.

Thanks to Sewiknit for that.  It was part of a discussion sparked by a Time magazine article- Why Falling Off the Wagon Isn’t Fatal


After reading that article, I tooled around Time’s website and found a gallery of Royalty on the cover of ime.  Interesting to look at, I think.


Another interesting article found by a Digster is from the NY TimesHealthy Foods for Under $1.

At the top of that list is oats.  On Ravelry we’ve been having a discussion on Steel Cut Oats.  I haven’t tried them, but plan to when I run out of my instant packets, and the old-fashioned rolled oats I have.  Making the rolled oats is almost as quick as the microwaved instant ones- and you can really customize the flavor.  Apparently steel cut oats take longer to cook, but can be made in advance for a week then re-heated.

Oats Recipes

Just so you know, I have a page of recipes (look at the toolbar at the top of the page, or to the right) where I’ll list these recipes and others, so you can find them again quickly!


The Yarn Harlot got a new washing machine.  This has been an ordeal, which you can read about on her blog.  But what amazed me is this:

When Sir Washie finished a load (heaven bless him) he did nothing but lay there quietly trying to recover from the effort. When the new washer finishes – it PLAYS A SONG.** Joe thinks that the purpose of the song is to tell you that the load is finished, but I don’t think so. I think it plays a song because it’s just so thrilled to be serenely fulfilling its highest purpose and doing my laundry. I think it’s trying to tell me that there is nothing else in the world that would satisfy it more than churning away so we can have clean gitch. I think it’s delighted to be in my service and that it doesn’t resent the basement (like I do.)
I think it’s happy.

** The song is “Die Forelle” (The Trout) by Schubert. I am totally not kidding.


And here’s something sorta related- the Yarn Harlot knits lots of socks.  I like knitting socks, too.  If you like socks too but don’t or can’t knit them, try Sock Dreams– lots of socks, stockings, and footwear for everyone!


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