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According to my friend’s at Digs, SMAO means several things:

  • Sweat my ass off
  • Smack my ass off
  • Shrink my ass online

No matter what it means, its what I want to do this year.  I hope to also use this blog to track things SMAO related- exercise and recipes, etc.

This is from my post on Digs:

I started SMAO 2009 early in December 2008.  I am doing Weight Watchers at the suggestions of Digsters and lik it so far.  I think it was good not to wait until after the holiday, since now I know I can do ok during them, so other times should not be as hard.

When I started I weighed 145. I am 5’2″. I just felt gross and blobby and none of my clothes fit. I have a belly where no belly was before. My hips/butt/thighs have always been large, but now I am going up a size in underwear and there is padding and stretch marks over my hip bones that have never been there before. That really got my attention in the mirror.

So, my goal right now is to lose 5% which is 7.3lbs. Then I’ll move on to 10%, etc until I am happy in how I feel. I think 10%, which will be 130, will be ok, 125 would be amazing. Right now I’ve lost almost 5 lbs- 4.8. There will be a happy dance on the 5 lb day.

I am going to do this by exercising 5x a week for at least 20 mins. So far I’ve been doing this by walking (outside or with Walk Away the Pounds), yoga dvds, or pilates dvds. Next week I am going to start a yoga class at my community center. We’re also saving for an elliptical so I hope to add that in too.

Food wise, I’m following WW, trying to make better choices, use few of my weekly pts, and none of my activity pts (unless I work out so much I need them)

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